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Through 11 lessons taught by over 12 industry experts, you'll learn to:

  • Save money while optimizing your results
  • Select safe, quality supplements with confidence
  • Teach others to do the same

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The Supplement Course - An Overview

Not convinced? Here's just 5 minutes of Dr. Abbie's over hour long presentation.


Now, You Have Two Options...

Option 1:

Go it alone. Read every book, watch every video, and follow every bit of conflicting advice floating out there. Spend years building relationships to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. Lose possible progress by wasting time with bad advice. Give bad advice to clients and friends.

Option 2:

Learn about the supplement industry from 4 PhDs, a lawyer, professional bodybuilders, CEOs, and manufacturers, so you can save money while optimizing results, pick supplements with confidence, and teach others to do the same. AND do it in just 2 hours a week!