About Us

Seven years ago I walked into a supplement store for the first time.

I was so confused and overwhelmed that I turned around and walked out. I will never forget that feeling.

When Paul and I started Bullfrog Nutrition, we made it our goal to educate customers, so they could make confident decisions about what they were putting in their bodies. 

After 3 years, we realized a 15 minute conversation standing in a store couldn't possibly cover everything our customers deserved to know. 

Enter the creation of The Supplement Course.

For the past year, we've gathered information from our mentors, including:

  • 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler,
  • 3 PhD supplement researchers,
  • a lawyer who specializes in supplements, 
  • supplement manufacturing facility owners, & more.

This course is the easy-to-understand, conveniently packaged version of the difficult journey Paul and I went on to learn about supplements.

There is no degree in supplements. There was no comprehensive training on the shady things that go on behind the scenes in the supplement industry. There was no guide for customers who wanted to know exactly what they were putting into their body.

The Supplement Course is the first of its kind.

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